Parent's Hours

When Britta and Kai say goodbye to their 18 year old son for a year of "work and travel", she already feels a bit shaky - this will be the farewell. A few days later, however, it is clear that this was only one of the reasons. Because Bettina is pregnant again, at 46! Another 18 years? A deep shock!

Two years later: as parents, they have grooved in again and are now new to the Eltern-Laden, an initiative daycare center where parents are also allowed to really lend a hand. In the "parent's hours" on weekends, they build climbing frames, sow the lawn, cook, bake and discuss the normal craziness in the family. But Kai and Bettina are now "old parents" and are also scrutinized accordingly. The same goes for Benny and Tine, who as extremely young parents are strictly observed by the over-sorted, reflected and organized bulldozer parents. There is always something to see, gossip and laugh about!

Parent's Hours is a classic, comedic family series - featuring parents, couples, people from all walks of life and backgrounds. The pivotal point is the daycare center, but all the stories about the chaotic, sometimes almost militarily organized family life of the various protagonists are also told here with a smile and the necessary wink. Relevant, somewhat heavier and delicate topics are not neglected either, because these also determine our (family) life.


Tim Gondi


Anette Kraska

Executive Producer:

Sven Sund


Kai Wiesinger