4-6 part Crime Thriller.

1990, a whole country vanishes from the map. At the same time, the father of 15-year old Anna disappears in the chaos of the fall of the Berlin Wall. And is never seen again. Twenty years later, the people in Iceland fight for their livelihoods as the country is strangled by the banking crisis. Anna, now a police officer in Reykjavik, learns that her father’s remains have finally been found and decides to return to Germany.

VANISHED tells the story of three generations of women struggling for a new/fresh start in the crumbling old systems. The confrontation between old and new powers reaches its climax when the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull almost prevents Anna from returning to Iceland in time to save her daughter and avert disaster.


Mikael Torfason


Britta Hansen, Franziska Lindner

Executive Producer:

Sven Sund

Co-Production Company:

ZikZak Filmworks, Iceland

Commissioning Executive:

Wolfgang Feindt (ZDF)


Development / Financing