In her early 20s, Victoria leads anything but a boring life: Thanks to her spectacular talent, she is about to make a name for herself in the poker scene in Hamburg. Victoria loves taking risks, deciphers her opponents in a split second and thus plays her way confidently through the illegal tournaments of the Hanseatic city. Away from the poker table, however, her life threatens to go off the rails. In addition to her fragile relationship, her roommates and her family, who has no idea of her lifestyle, she must also face the fate of a hereditary dementia disease that has already turned her mother into a nursing case. Driven by this growing threat, Victoria does everything she can to realize her dream and become a world's leading poker player. Confident in her special abilities, she soon challenges her own luck - until she is literally playing for her life.

„Life gives you the cards and then it depends on what you do with them…“

Victoria tells the story of a young woman who has chosen to play poker; not only because she is especially talented, but also in order to keep control over her life, which threatens to fall apart more and more. The fact that she risks everything and makes mighty enemies hardly impresses her, because Victoria pursues only one goal: to become a world's leading poker player.


Vladislav Tinchev


Anette Kraska, Britta Hansen

Executive Producer:

Sven Sund


Viviane Andereggen